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This resource was begun in 1992 thanks to a donation made by Silea Sampietro Baisero, daughter of the organist, conductor and composer Pietro Sampietro (Moncalvo d'Asti 1872 – Biella 1956), of her father's music library. Another important acquisition followed, that of the organist and harpsichordist Guido Maffiotti (Biella 1895 – Camburzano 1967).
The library also plays an important role in bringing together and preserving the memories of the Piedmontese music history.

Pietro Sampietro Collection

Made up of approximately 1,083 documents, this collection includes 365 manuscripts. Apart from a few signed Italian manuscripts from the 19th century, there are a significant number of first editions (19th century) and much music by Piemontese composers from the 18th and 19th centuries.


pdf Pietro Sampietro



Guido Maffiotti Collection

This collection is made up of 3,355 documents, of which 322 are manuscripts.

pdf Guido Maffotti



Macario Santiago Kastner (1908–1992), Bibliography


pdf Bibliography



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